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Events & Workshops

Stress Management - 1 day

This is an interactive, fun and informative workshop helping participants to:

  • Understand stress, the effects of stress and recognising it in their lives.
  • Develop a positive way of thinking and attitude.
  • Increase self confidence, self image and motivation.
  • Understand how they “tick” and why.
  • Overcome negative behaviour patterns, thoughts and attitudes.
  • Change habits and re-think negative beliefs.
  • Learn practical relaxation techniques and life skills to be and stay positive.
  • Become their own motivational coach.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for Self Help - ½ day

This is an interactive, fun and potentially life-changing workshop for those who want to be able to help themselves to a happier, positive and fulfilling life. The technique is very quick and easy to learn and just about anyone can do it successfully.

The workshop includes:

  • EFT explained.
  • Practical demonstration of EFT in action.
  • How to use EFT to change negative thinking and feelings and remove old “baggage”.
  • Some practical applications for EFT in daily life.
  • Programming yourself for success.

I also offer half and full day workshops on a variety of topics including Ancestral Memory, Confidence Building, Relaxation and Meditation for interested groups, businesses and organisations. 

Please contact me for details, 01302 881433 or 07508 504230.