I know a lot of stuff and ways to help you. My years of experience mean I’m able to use a range of strategies and treatments. *Helping you achieve the change you want as quickly as possible.

No-one’s problem is too silly, embarrassing or difficult to seek help for. As an experienced senior hypnotherapist and healthcare professional I assess how best to help you, with absolute confidentiality.

Here are some of the problems I help clients deal with:

Anxiety and
Depression and
Low mood
and Phobias
Weight Management
Stress Management Personal Development


In addition I am also experienced in treating the following:

Relationship difficulties    Sexual problems    PTSD    Exam/test nerves    Negative thinking    Public speaking
Alcohol problems    IBS    Chronic pain    Fear of Flying    Insomnia    Thumb sucking    Bereavement    Migraine  
Motivation    Tinnitus    Hair pulling    Nail biting

This is not an exhaustive list so if you can’t find your particular problem here just call or email to discuss things further.

So give me a call now to tell me what you need help with.

Call 01302 881433 or 07508 504230

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