Stress Management

The stress of modern life is real – but how you respond to it is up to you. A certain amount of stress is inherent in every healthy form of life. It’s the force exerted by any one thing against another. For example, the stresses created within your musculo-skeletal system allow you to stand up straight. It is part of being alive. With normal stresses your overall physiological balance and well being is maintained. However, undesirable, excess tension can threaten your health and well being.

Whether it arises from your job, family discord or financial problems, excessive stress may result in poor performance at work, periods of sickness and frayed relationships with co-workers. At home stress can create problems with children, relationship conflict, depression, anxiety and physical illness. Even if you do recognise that you are dealing with high levels of stress, more often than not it’s ignored or “managed” by misusing food, alcohol or prescription medication.

In our modern world almost everyone suffers the effects of excess stress at some point. What is important is how you cope with it. Reacting in a positive way can counteract the damage to your well being.

This 4 session course aims to enable you to –

  • Understand stress and recognise it in your life.
  • Develop a positive way of thinking and attitude.
  • Increase your self confidence, self image and motivation.
  • Overcome negative behaviour patterns, thoughts and attitudes.
  • Change habits and re-think negative beliefs.
  • Learn practical relaxation techniques and life skills to be and stay positive.
  • Become your own motivational coach.
Fee £200 (4x £50 1 Hour Sessions)

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