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I'm Counting My Blessings


In the early hours of this morning I was woken by the sound of the wind and rain that Storm Doris is currently throwing at us.  Pulling the covers over my head I turned over and settled down to drift back to sleep.

As I felt the warmth and comfort of my bed I listened to elements raging outside.  My beloved tomcat Merlin purred gently by my side as the solid old house around me creaked and groaned.  A huge wave of gratitude flowed over me.  A moment of awareness.  I am truly blessed.

All human life has it's ups and downs, however perfect it may appear.  The sad thing is that most of us don't notice the daily blessings so they don't count.  What we do notice is the negative stuff.  We hold on to it to remind us how unfortunate we are, how unlucky, how left out.

I'm not ignoring the fact that really bad stuff happens sometimes or that simply counting your blessings will change everything.  What I am saying is that realizing all the good things in life puts it into a much more realistic perspective.  Even the most difficult of times have moments of light, laughter and love.

As I lay there in bed my good fortune flashed before me.  I have a warm bed in a good house in a nice village.  I have food in my cupboards and heating to keep me warm.  I have the love and comfort of my beautiful cats.  I have a purpose in life that gets me up in the morning and earns my living to pay for my security.  I have the love and company of my family and friends.  I have my health and fitness.  The natural world on my doorstep. And books.

I was overwhelmed by how much I have and tears of joy rolled down my face.  I said a great big thank you to the Universe for taking care of me and allowing me to recognize how blessed I am.

When you have some time today just take a few minutes to count your blessings and put it all into perspective.  It's a good, good feeling. 

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