(Results may vary from person to person)

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the wonderful therapy you gave me!  I had the most relaxing, easy and quick labour  (3 hours in total) and have a beautiful baby boy.  Thank you again.

N. Truman, Doncaster.

Thank you so much for helping me through my panic attacks and anxiety.  You were right, I feel so much better now.  My family have noticed such a difference in me and it’s such a a pleasure to wake up feeling “normal”. Thanks again for everything.

Sue. S., Doncaster.

I just wanted to thank you again for your help and support. I really enjoyed my time with you and for the first time ever I understand things that I never thought I would!  Things now make sense, thanks to you.  Thank you so much.

S. S., Doncaster.

Thank you for your professionalism and for putting me at ease right away.  The whole treatment experience was excellent and worked wonders for the stress related problems I had. I highly recommend you as a therapist.  

S. G., Barnsley

Here I am ON HOLIDAY!  Thank you so much for helping me with my anxiety problems. I’m now back to my old self and once again able to enjoy travelling.  Your kindness and expertise has changed my life.  I would highly recommend you to anyone needing help with anxiety.

I. Clifton, Doncaster.

Over the last year, seeing Liz has made me a much more confident person – I feel so different from when I first came to see her.  I even flew this year to Cyprus (5 hours each way) with no problems. I now feel more in control and have more zest for life. 

Only after a few sessions with her, that awful ‘knotted’ feeling in the stomach which was present every day, suddenly vanished. Whatever your needs may be if you wish to try hypnotherapy I would definitely recommend Liz as a Therapist.

A. Calder, Doncaster.

Can’t believe it – I stopped biting my nails straight after my session and don’t even think about it any more!  I really can’t thank you enough Liz.  I feel so much more confident and feminine.  Should have come to you years ago!

L.T., Rotherham.

I went to see Liz a few weeks ago not knowing what to expect, but she put me at ease almost from the word go. She is very easy to talk to and I felt that I didn’t have to hide anything from her. She has helped me immensely and I would not hesitate to recommend Liz to anyone.

D. Wood, Retford.



Having battled with my weight for more than 40 years and, like many people, trying every conceivable way to shed the pounds (except exercise of course), I turned to Liz for help. I have just completed my sessions and for the first time in many years my cravings have gone away.

I am eating sensibly and healthily and I am motivated to exercise regularly. And by the way I am 22 lbs lighter. Liz perfectly blends professionalism with warmth and friendliness and her dedicated therapy room is cosy and inviting. A course of sessions with Liz may well transform your life.

S. Bishop, Doncaster.

Liz’s skill and empathy is wonderful. She has the kind of manner that instantly puts one at ease. Her skilful way at helping others with hypnotherapy and NLP reaps fantastic results and I recommend Liz far and wide.

M. Downing, Blyth

I just wanted to let you know that I’m still losing weight and (I sometimes can’t believe it) don’t even want sweets and chocolate these days! 

I feel so different since coming for weight management sessions, more relaxed and confident.  Thank you for helping me get my life back (and my size 10 jeans!).

G. Barton, Goole.

Well I went to the dentist successfully yesterday and you deserve a big thank you for the way it went, if I had not had the therapy with you I would have been really dreading the appointment and thinking negatively about what could go wrong and, on the day, I would have been a nervous basket case with a very high heartbeat.

As it was, since our sessions I have been able to think positively and not get bogged down with the bad side as well as being able to put it out of my mind altogether. Yesterday was a different experience for me as I was able to keep a calm demeanor and go through the double extraction. 

You have made a huge difference to the way I can handle the experience, and I admit that I would not have really believed it possible before.  A BIG Thank You
E. A., Epworth