Ancestral Memory

This fascinating and intriguing concept is attracting more and more interest as scientist are beginning to recognise that humans (and other animals) possess genetic memory – memories passed down to them from their ancestors through their genes.  This idea is now becoming a plausible explanation for how “child prodigies” can have innate and complicated knowledge of subjects way beyond their years or normal accepted level of understanding.

In the same way that positive, helpful memory can be inherited, so too can unhelpful, traumatic memory be inherited. It is the emotional baggage from the memories that is felt by the descendant. The actual experiences are not consciously known to the descendant but are stored in the subconscious mind where it’s possible to access them with expert help.

As a regression hypnotherapist I have experience with ancestral memory. I have helped clients to access traumatic ancestral memories to free themselves from the emotional effects which they have inherited from those events. Usually this is as an integral part of hypnotherapy.

I also offer clients the opportunity to access ancestral memories to better understand who they are and why.  This is a single session of 1½ hours with the recording of a CD to take home if appropriate.

Fee £80

I also give talks about Ancestral Memory.  I am available for short talks, after dinner speaking or half day workshops.  Please call me for more information 01302 881433 or 07508 504230.

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