Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT

Properly done EFT frequently reduces the therapeutic process from weeks or months down to hours or even minutes. Sometimes referred to as “tapping”, EFT is a simple to learn, gentle technique that can help release negative emotions and bring relief from many physical and emotional problems very quickly. EFT was developed in the USA and is carried out by gently tapping on some of the body’s energy points (used in acupuncture) whilst “tuning in” to the problem. This may sound strange but it really does work! You could call it a psychological version of acupuncture.

I have 6 years experience of using EFT and find it to be a highly effective technique for many, many problems ranging from straightforward food cravings to complicated childhood trauma. 

It works quickly, often bringing instant relief to people in distress and is equally effective for adults and children – it can even be used on animals!

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