Past Life Regression

Your present is inextricably linked to your past. What if your past extends back in time before the life you are currently living?

There is much interest these days in the concept of reincarnation as people strive to make sense of the world and the purpose of life. I am a Past Life and Reincarnation hypnotherapist.

I trained with Steve Burgess, one of the country’s leading past life therapists, who is also a published author on this subject with appearances on television and radio.

Combining years of experience and advanced regression techniques I can help you to access your deep memories. This process can stimulate increased self knowledge, help dissolve negative aspects of the past and facilitate the discovery of a greater meaning and purpose in your daily life.

During the hour and a half session as much detail as possible is gathered and a CD of the session is recorded for you to take home.

Fee £80

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